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AFASEC - Ecole des Courses Hippiques

L’Ecole des Courses Hippiques or ECH is part of AFASEC (Association de Formation et d’Action Sociale des Ecuries de Courses), an association which was founded in response to the training and professional support requirements for those working or wishing to start a career in the horse racing sector.

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture as well as the institution ; France Galop, SECF, FNCF, PMU, Fédérations Régionales, Société de Courses, AFASEC fulfills its 3 missions to train future stable employees, to provide ongoing professional support to employees and to support the industry with its social welfare service.
The ECH is the only school in the country which is 100% dedicated to horse racing. A reputable  breeding ground for the country’s top jockeys, AFASEC has over 40 years experience of expertise and savoir faire and prides itself on the quality of training and support provided throughout the person’s career.

The ECH is open to students from ages 14 to adulthood who demonstrate a passion for horses, the motivation to succeed and a will to transform their passion into a career. The school takes responsibility for finding every student an employer for their work placement and provides on-going educational and social welfare support during their schooling period.

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